Who - wha... ?

Okay, here's a little about this site.

in - tel - li - gent

adj. \in-'te-lƏ-jƏnt\

having or indicating a high or satisfactory degree of mental capacity


in - sult

v. \'in-sƏlt\

to treat with insolence, indignity, or contempt; to affect offensively or damagingly


in - tel - li - sult

n. \in-'te-lƏ-sƏlt\

an offensive and damaging insult phrase marked by a high degree of intelligence and cognitive capacity

What is Intellisult

Intellisult is the best and most intelligent insult generator on the web! What makes Intellisult so smart is not just the clever insults it is able to generate, but the way those insults are actually created. While other insult generators use limited lists of preformed insults, Intellisult is able to generate millions of unique insults by using magic... errr, geeky algorithm stuff.

Who Made This And Why

Intellisult is a website made by Matt Hofstadt. This is the second version of Intellisult, and it was created in 2011 as an experiment in new web design trends and techniques. If you speak computer, feel free to check out the source (but don't steal!). If not, head back over to the   Home Page and start generating some intellisults for your friends!